No 1 Concorde Gate Toronto Canada 2013.04.25

No 1 Concorde Gate Toronto Canada
No 1 Concorde Gate Toronto Canada

Trying something a bit different.

Usually when I do a post of new photography, I create a set based on a certain subject (architecture, cycling, dogs, etc etc) with 8 – 10 photographs then post the entire set. Problem with this method is it sometimes takes awile to get a set together, then other things happen, I get sidetracked and the posts here on The Learning Curve Photography become few and far between. I started the the site to display both my personal and professional work and to create a sort of a journal of my adventures and progress in digital photography (called it The Learning Curve for a reason ya know) but it’s not being used as much as it should or as well as it should.


What I am going to ATTEMPT to do (Please notice the word ‘attempt’ is in capital letters and bold type. That usually indicates that a certain amount of emphasis should be put on that word) is a 365ish project and post a new pic every couple of days (Please also notice that I used the term ‘every couple of days’. I worded it that way because if I do manage to get a new pic up every day, then that will be REALLY impressive). Just very simple, very straight forward, post the pic, write one sentence then ! BAM !. Done. Simple dimple. Easy peasy.

We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned.