No 1 Concorde Gate Toronto Canada 2013.04.25

No 1 Concorde Gate Toronto Canada

No 1 Concorde Gate Toronto Canada

Trying something a bit different.

Usually when I do a post of new photography, I create a set based on a certain subject (architecture, cycling, dogs, etc etc) with 8 – 10 photographs then post the entire set. Problem with this method is it sometimes takes awile to get a set together, then other things happen, I get sidetracked and the posts here on The Learning Curve Photography become few and far between. I started the the site to display both my personal and professional work and to create a sort of a journal of my adventures and progress in digital photography (called it The Learning Curve for a reason ya know) but it’s not being used as much as it should or as well as it should.


What I am going to ATTEMPT to do (Please notice the word ‘attempt’ is in capital letters and bold type. That usually indicates that a certain amount of emphasis should be put on that word) is a 365ish project and post a new pic every couple of days (Please also notice that I used the term ‘every couple of days’. I worded it that way because if I do manage to get a new pic up every day, then that will be REALLY impressive). Just very simple, very straight forward, post the pic, write one sentence then ! BAM !. Done. Simple dimple. Easy peasy.

We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned.



About Brian Carson

Brian Carson is a full time student of both the photographic & digital arts and is living in Toronto, Canada. His attempts to become a real photographer / digital artist are documented on his photoblog / portfolio / gallery, The Learning Curve Photography where he resides as main contributor, curator, archival supervisor and head honcho. He considers himself lucky to have one wife, one daughter, one dog and two cats who tolerate him chasing them around with his camera in an attempt to capture the ' One Perfect Shot '. To be kept updated on the continuing adventures of The Learning Curve Photography, please consider signing up for our EMail Subscription Service, getting social with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Flickr and by visiting our online stores at CafePress, Fine Art America, Redbubble and Zazzle. Images can be licensed for commercial projects on web or in print by visiting us at Pixels Licensing. We can be contacted via email, our onsite contact page or by calling 416.462.8703. Thank you for stopping by.
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