Backyard Flowers In Black and White 18

Backyard Flowers In Black And White 18
A series of black and white photographs of flowers grown in our backyard and in the gardens of our neighbourhood here in Toronto Canada.

More goodness from the black and white flower series. Number 18 this time around.

I think this is my fave from the bunch (pun intended). I made a point when I took the shots and when I processed them to NOT present them as typical flower shots. None of them are the standard soft focus, back lit perfectly symetrical wonders of nature that you usually see. They all have imperfections and the black and white process brings out the raw and hard edges. I think that the images still show them as beautiful things even with all the flaws. From the comments and emails I’ve received here and on various other places I’ve posted them, I’m pretty happy with the way the series is turning out 馃檪

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